Research Burns in the Online Fire, Arson and Explosion Investigation Degree Program

EKU Online Fire, Arson and Investigation degree students have the opportunity to participate in research burns. The research burns allow students to receive two weeks of hands-on training at our lab in Richmond, Kentucky. The expert faculty provide guidance for every step of the burns. Great effort goes into building a true room for valid research and assessing the burn.

 Online Fire, Arson and Investigation students are on-campus for one week during two consecutive summer sessions. Fire and Explosion Scene Analysis and Electrical and Mechanical Principles Related to Fire Investigations will be completed during the first Summer. The following year, students will take Advanced Explosion and Bombing Investigation and Fire Arson and Explosion Case Prep.

The following photos are from a recent research burn.

Fire and Arson Investigation Online

Photo by Mish Aldiab, Class of 2014

Fire and Arson Investigation Degree Online

Online Fire and Arson Investigation Degree

Fire and Arson Investigation Online Degree Program

Jim Pharr, Chair of the Department of Safety, Security and Emergency Management

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Published on May 02, 2013