Do I need a college degree to be a fire and arson investigator?

Many current fire investigators do not have college degrees however many are now seeking a degree. Changes in the National Fire Protection Association’s 1033, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator (2009) outlines needed post-secondary (college) education.

1.3.8* The investigator shall have and maintain at a minimum an up-to-date basic knowledge of the following topics beyond the high school level at a post-secondary education level:

(1) Fire science
(2) Fire chemistry
(3) Thermodynamics
(4) Thermometry
(5) Fire dynamics
(6) Explosion dynamics
(7) Computer fire modeling
(8) Fire investigation
(9) Fire analysis
(10) Fire investigation methodology
(11) Fire investigation technology
(12) Hazardous materials
(13) Failure analysis and analytical tools

EKU’s Fire, Arson and Explosion investigation curriculum covers these areas.

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